Project “Decreasing Statelessness Among Former Ethnic Vietnamese and Khmer Krom Refugees in Cambodia”. Funded by GIZ Cambodia. Through this project, MIRO seeks to empower stateless VN and KK by helping them to understand the related law and their rights, to have these rights enforced, to increase the awareness on Cambodian local and national authority levels for the need to review existing or formulate new policies on statelessness and to fill the gaps in and enforce the laws concerning stateless persons, and to seek justice and legal solutions for discrimination and human rights violations against ethnic Vietnamese and Khmer Krom. The project is implemented in three provinces: Kampong Chhnang, Pursat, and Takeo.


List Project Decreasing Statelessness Among Former Ethnic Vietnamese and Khmer Krom Refugees in Cambodia
No Name of Project Date Description Report
1 The briefing meeting Feb/26 Insert Text here Download
2 Staff capacity building Feb/27 Insert Text here Download
3 Establish contact SP local authorities 2-4/Mar Insert Text here Download
4 Preliminary Reseaech at Pursat 19-21/Mar Insert Text here Download
5 Researched trips in 3 provinces May-July Insert Text here Download

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