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MIRO Press Release on How Khmer Krom Civil Parties Upset for Being Disregarded in the Verdict Against Former Khmer Rouge Leaders

On August 7th, 2014 MIRO released a press statement voicing the discontent of the Khmer Krom civil parties who have not been invited to witness the pronouncement of the judgment of the Khmer Rouge Trial Case 002/01. The Khmer Krom have actively given testimony and evidence to the Extraordinary Chambers in the Courts of Cambodia (ECCC) throughout the years of the trial which helped render the announcement of life imprisonment, for both the accused, possible. Apart from not being invited to the court, the Khmer Krom have also not been mentioned for the collective reparations that the court had approved of. MIRO wants to voice out the opinions of the Khmer Krom, who today have been ignored, because they too are entitled to remedies for the persecution they underwent in 1975-1979. Read the full statement here.

MIRO Press Release Calling for Protests at Vietnamese Embassy to Remain Peaceful

On July 18th, MIRO released a statement to the press calling for protests at the Vietnamese embassy in Phnom Penh to remain peaceful in nature. The protests began because a spokesperson for the Vietnamese embassy in Cambodia made comments asserting that Kampuchea Krom, a region of Southern Vietnam that was historically part of the Khmer Empire, had been a part of Vietnam for centuries before the Mekong Delta region was officially handed over to Vietnam by the French colonial regime in 1949. The press release calls on demonstrators to exclusively use non-violence to protest the comments, and for security and police officials to refrain from using violence to disburse the demonstrators. The statement also calls on the government of Vietnam to clarify its position regarding Kampuchea Krom to ensure that the region’s history is not manipulated for political purposes. Read the full statement here.

MIRO Press Release Condemning the Unjust Guilty Verdict of Four Landless Khmer Krom Farmers in Takeo

On July 8, 2014, MIRO released a statement decrying the guilty verdict against four Khmer Krom men charged with illegally occupying state land as unjust. The men, along with 74 Khmer Krom families, have been striving to gain access to the disputed land for decades, as they need the farmland to survive. MIRO contends that the families should be granted access to the land, rather than being convicted for attempting to cultivate it. The men, who were tried without legal representation, were charged with suspended sentences of three years imprisonment and and a fine of 1 Million Riel (250 USD) each. MIRO asserts that the verdict is being used to scare the families from cultivating the land in the future. Read the full statement here.

MIRO Press Release Condemning the Guilty Verdict of 13 Khmer National Liberation Front Members

On 11 April, 2014, MIRO released a statement condemning the verdict of a case against 13 Khmer and Khmer Krom members of the Khmer National Liberation Front (KNLF), as the charges of treason were based solely on political motivations. The KNLF is critical of the Cambodian government, and has been labeled by Prime Minister Hun Sen as a terrorist organization. The prosecution used fabricated evidence to secure a guilty verdict, leading to the 13 each being charged with a sentence of five to nine years in prison. Read the full statement here.

MIRO Press Release Regarding the Trial of 13 Khmer and Khmer Krom Human Rights Activists Accused of Conspiring to Commit Treason

On 26 March, 2014, MIRO issued a press release demanding the fair trial of 13 individuals, several of whom are Khmer Krom, accused of conspiring to commit treason by the Cambodian government. The statement details the dubious charges on which the human rights activists were arrested, and the illegal abuses they endured in the lead-up to their trials. The seven men, along with six others tried in absentia, are associated with an organization known as the Khmer National Liberation Front (KNLF), which the Cambodian government has denounced as a terrorist organization. Read the full statement here.

MIRO and Cambodia Center For Human Rights Joint Statement On The Mob Killing of a Vietnamese Man

On 20 February, 2014, MIRO, and the Cambodia Center For Human Rights (CCHR) issued a joint statement regarding the mob killing of a Vietnamese man after a traffic accident in Phnom Penh. The statement condemns the mob killing, and puts forward the possibility of racial motivation for the crimes. The report calls for a formal investigation by local authorities into the killing. Read the full statement here.

Intervention Letter to the Special Rapporteur on Human Rights in Cambodia, Mr. Surya Subedi

In January 2014, MIRO issued an open intervention letter to Mr. Surya Subedi, the United Nations Special Rapporteur for Cambodia. The letter discusses the treatment of Khmer Krom monks during the Cambodian garment worker strikes, urging Mr. Subedi to investigate the suppressive and discriminatory actions of authorities at the protests, including their targeting of Khmer Krom for arrest, illegal detainment, and torture. MIRO’s letter to Mr. Subedi was issued in preparation for his trip to Cambodia in January 2014.Read the full letter here.

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