Advocacy with local authority at Koh Kong province, 31 Octobers, 2015

In order to promote women’s participation in the development of the commune and political work increasingly MIRO had done a workshop to promote women’s participation in the development of the commune and political work. In addition after finish this workshop MIRO’s staffs have interviewed with the local authorities related to: general situations of each community, problem and solution, service fee that provide to people, khmer krom’s census, legal document service, percentage of people who go to vote, the strategies for encourage women to participate in public and politic work and others important points.

The Committee of women’s affairs and children of Sre Ambel commune, Ms. Sun Chik has said that:

– In Sre Ambil commune have 2582 families with a total of 14116 people, including 6908 women who were multi-national Khmer, Chinese, Vietnamese, Cham and Khmer Krom. People have diverse occupations such as fishing, seafood farmers and plantation, officials and traders, Khmer Krom, mostly construction workers, workers of sea shipping in the fishing, port workers, and they didn’t have land for build their own houses.

-Domestic violence and divorce were decreases because the neighborhood has collaborated with NGOs such as Mlum Promvihearthor Center and other NGOs has been promoting the law against domestic violence, and demonstrate the consequences of divorce make citizens understand and reduce cases of this more and have plans to help the poor children as well.

-Related cost of all services sangkat has announced to the people in the meeting, and all service fee was declared to all people by stick at Commune/Sangkat.

-Khmer Krom living in this commune had received an official permit to use such as: Khmer citizens without discrimination, but local authority were cautious because were afraid to confusion between Vietnamese and Khmer Krom.

-About 70% of people were participated on the communal elections in 2012.

-Ms. Sun Chik was showed about her job history that was participate in social and politics work, she said that before become a member of commune council she was village chief, and currently she serves as a commune council’s member for 2 mandate since 2008 until now.

-For the strategy of enhancing the participation of women in social and political work. She showed that Sre Ambil commune was cooperating with NGOs organized training courses for women about gender equality, women’s rights, life skills. The target groups were women and men participants, but more women have joined the meeting than men.

– Related to promoting the participation of women in social and politics work, she suggested that at the present Sre Ambel commune comprises female participants, especially all vice village are females, but she wanted to give women to participate more because women a major force to be part of national development. She urged that women must increase the capacity and knowledge, so they will have the opportunity to participate in community development. She also requested the men must support and provide opportunities to women as well.

– At the end representative of commune suggested MIRO to cooperate with commune to provide training for promote women to participate in public and politics works and educate them to understand about advantageous of participate by organizing the training and focus on the topics: strengthening of women to join all decision making and strengthen knowledge on gender equality, advocacy for women right, administration. Men and family should be cooperating to encouraging and providing opportunities for women.

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