Advocacy with local authorities at Takeo province,15 August, 2015

In order to promote women’s participation in the development of the commune and political work increasingly MIRO had done a workshop on promote women’s participation in the development of the commune and political work. In addition after finish this workshop MIRO’s staffs have to make interview with the local authorities related to : general situations, of each community, problem and solution, service fee that provide to people, Khmer krom’s  census, legal document service, percentage of people who go to vote, the strategies for encourage women to participate in public and politic work and other important point.

1-Mr. Phang Pin sangkat chief of Rorkakhnong said that:

– Sangkat Rorkakhnong have 2778 families and the total of people about ten thousands. And people 25% is famers, 35% is sellers, 30% is civil servants, 20% is poor people don’t have regular address (house).

-Related to the security, theft case and gangster were decreases because polices were checking and controlling, according important goal in order to help security in community.

-Domestic violence is decrease, because local authority was facilitate by show them about disadvantages of domestic violence, and follow by workshop that was organize by NGO.

-Community service fee is declared to all people for each commune.

-Fifty families of Khmer Krom mostly of them have real home and legal document provided

– 80% of people were go to vote in commune election in 2012.

Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.46.45 PM-The strategy for promoting women in political participation, Mr. Pang Pin was said that : in this Sangkat we have 12 villages and we also have chiefs, deputy village and total members of the village are 36 people , including 17 women and we have only a woman in sangkat council member. Related to the number of women is less, because of women’s knowledge, experience , and opportunity are limit. Chief of commune restrict that he want women is a member of community council 2/3 in next mandate. Because every decision it has a lot of value to give to people without discrimination and he will efforts to promote women in basic understanding through : a collaboration with the Department of Women’s Affairs and relevant departments and related organizations

2. Mr. Samrit Moeung, Sangkat of Chief Rorkakrau and member of sangkat council have given some information of general work and answer some key points by MIRO’s team


– In this sangkat have 3412 families and it has totalizes nearly twenty thousand people, all of them mostly farmers ,seller, civil servant, worker in the garment factory here and in Phnom Penh, an some citizens migrants to work in Thailand and Korea.

– For school-age children Sangkat authority have to cooperated with school and community in order to encourage parents to bring children to school when they was 6 years old . In this neighborhood for the poor kid was funded budget and study materials from NGOs .

– In 2015 sangkat also have sponsorship package for women to give birth in health centers 30,000 riels

– About 75% of people is participate in communal elections in 2012, for the people who did not vote, mostly migrant workers to work abroad.

– Khmer Krom has about 79 families and most of them have got identity card, family record book ,…and only two families have not yet been done.

– Strategy of promoting women to participate politic works: sangkat Rorkakrau have 14 villages , have one village chief is woman among 14 and 13 villages have vice-villages are women. Screen Shot 2016-04-24 at 2.50.10 PMRelated to the number of women in the small role of the decision, the Chief also emphasized that: ” We wants women to the role of the decisions to be greater, abounding both in his role as council neighborhood and village authorities because he observed that practical villages that women leadership performance is better than men because women say they listen to than men ”.

tried to promote education for women, but they seem not aware of their rights and

interests of the participants. On the other way, that is because of the capacity is not sufficient, including less willing: too obvious there are departments and NGOs have come to open training skills such as sewing , livestock ,crops … but women seem to be less interested, because they wanted a job that beneficiaries immediately, such as garment

– Sangkat chief and including all sangkat council members have to do request to MIRO and other organization please help to spread out the basic media in the villages regarding promoting women to participate in public and politics work, especially help promote the men to be aware of the benefits of the participation of women as well, so that men help and encourage women as well.

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