Report on Empowerment Workshop on legal documents and its relevance law to inter- ethnic groups and local authorities

Project: Decreasing Statelessness

Date: October 27, 2015

Place: Pursat Province

Overview an part of MIRO’s Statelessness project, MIRO’s staff has had three days mission to the Pursat province from 26th to 28th of October-2015 to conduct an empowerment workshop for mix-ethnic groups and local authority. The purpose of the workshop is to raise awareness with Vietnamese and Khmer Krom minorities as well the local authority to provide knowledge of the relevant national law and human rights declaration, and know how to apply for nationality or citizenship as well as other identification/legal papers. The workshop has organized by team of MIRO such as: Mr. SoengSen Karuna , the program manager and stateless project, Mr. Tola, the intern of MIRO,and Mr. Nourn Norn, the provincial staff. As well we had invited 27 participants participated in this workshop (There were 25 males and 2 females) including 2, local authorities from difference location in Kampong Lourng , and

Rang til. And we also invited 4 speakers:

1) Mr. Pech Chamruern, Chief of police administration post of Rang Til commune,

2) Mr. KhloukSitha the member of Rang Til commune council,

3) Mr. Chok Kim Seng member of Kampong Lourng commune council.

4) Mr. Li Sakun, police officer of police administration post of Kampong Lourng.

There were 27 participants. 1, participated in this workshop (25male and 2female) including 2 local authorities from difference location: Kampong Lourng , and Rang tel. Activities a week before the workshop day coming, the provincial staff Mr. Nourn Norm has invited the local authorities as well the mix of ethnic groups, Khmer Krom and Vietnamese(CPs) to participate in the workshop and he has invited local authorities to be a speaker in the workshop as well.

During the workshop, after registration Mr. SoengSen Karuna has opened the workshop with the important speech of warm welcome to the participants as well let him show the Background of MIRO and MIRO activities such as defense target group by investigation human rights violations case with intervention and advocacy activities. And, he also explain the processes of MIRO supported by four donors to support four project running and let participants know about the purpose of the workshop. After that Mr. ChokKimseng, the member of Kampong Lourng started to present about the situation of ethnics Viet Nam living at floating village has some facing about livelihood and some people don’t have identification nationaldocuments. Then Mr. SoengSenkaruna started with the section of “Introduction about the lesson of Human Rights, Statelessness and related laws and conventions”.

By spending almost 45 minutes, Karuna explained a lot by showing picture of human dignity and have many rights to provide citizens in participatingto join and develop society. And then spending 30 minutes explaineddefinition of Statelessness, number of Statelessness around the  world, report of UNHRC about statelessness, and national law, regulation and international convention about Statelessness. As well after explanation with the definition and lesson, Mr.Karuna has asked many questions to the participants about the lesson to make sure that all participants understanding well about the lesson that he explained and added something more about the lesson that presented to the participants to make sure all participants understanding well. After the break 15 minutes with refreshment, the new section about the legal documents presented by Mr. Ly Sakun, the police officer administration post of Kampong Lourng. Hehas spenttime 30 minutes explained to the participantsabout definition of legal documents and how to process the legal documents, and there were so many questions from the participants have asked to him. After answer with many questions, Mr. Ly Sakun suggested to the residents to keep all legal documents in the safe place with carefully because of it is very important document for the living life in Cambodia.

Mr. Karuna started the new section about Law on Nationality after Mr. Ly Sakun’s presentation. With the Law on Nationality, Karuna started that the nationality from birth and explained article by article in the ordinary word to make sure those participants can understandwell. Word by words participants has focused a lot to the lesson, and they said that it is very important section. Karuna has mentioned again and again about the definition, condition and procedure to get the nationality from birth to make sure that participants can understand. As his effective method, he make sure to residents can understand well.He allowed participants to ask questions, and then heasked the questions to participants to answers by encourage and showed them importantof answer clarify about understanding. After break times for lunch, in the afternoon section, Karuna went through on his second session about Nationality by Married and General Conditions of Naturalization. Also, he has spent for more than 1 hour to complete the explanation point by point, and article by articles slowly to make sure that all participants can follow the point. After explained, he added more about lesson to make sure that people can understand well. He asked many questions to the participants tofinish the explanation to make sure participants can get what hisexplanations.Spending the full afternoon with Law on Nationality and procedure to get Khmer Citizenship, participants could learn so many things, many questions and answer about Khmer ID card and Birth Certificate have been done, and the end of the section, facilitators suggested to the participants to complete all legal document to be a legal immigration. After spending the whole day in workshop, all mix participants and local authorities can understand the related law and their rights, and having these rights enforced, law and human rights, and know how to apply for nationality or citizenship as well as other identification papers with the law and regulation regarding to Human Rights. Challenging of workshop during workshop on “An empowerment workshop for mixed the ethnic group and local authority” there were some challenges within some Vietnamese participants couldn’t understand Khmer language well and even couldn’t reading Khmer.

In conclusion of workshop at Pursat Province on “An empowerment workshop for mixed the ethnic group and local authority” has been completed well. The mixed ethnic group and local authorities can understand well about the related law and their rights, and having these rights enforced, law and human rights, and know how to apply for nationality or citizenship as well as other identification papers with the law and regulation regarding to Human Rights. As well they look so happy after the workshop because they could had a chance to ask directly to the local authorities in their commune and they can get the direct answer as well replied from local authorities.

It was a successful workshop for MIRO in this third workshop for the project.


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