Report on Project Staff Briefing Meeting

Project: Statelessness

Project Date: Feb.26, 2015 

Place: MIRO’s Office Overview:

On Thursday the 26th February 2015, MIRO met with its provincial staff in Phnom Penh. The purposeScreen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.36.31 AMof this meeting was to introduce all project staffs about the vision and mission of MIRO, and each project’s work and plan especially about Statelessness Project. Furthermore, to let all project staffs know each other and be ready to work together. The meeting also provided opportunities for regional staff to add their input to the Statelessness project. Participants: The meeting was attended by three regional staff as well as four staff members from Phnom Penh and one international intern: Mr. Sourn Buthmao, the executive director, Mr. Noun Sovanrith, the project officer, Mr. Phom Ravy, the project officer, Mrs. Suon Sovann, the project officer, Mr. Meas Chanthorn, the provincial staff, Mr. Mom Morny, the provincial staff, Mr. Tort KimSroy, the provincial staff, Mr. Abraham Wapner, the international intern. Activities of briefing meeting: In the meeting, each member of staff had to introduce themselves sand their feeling of working with MIRO, and then Mr. Sourn Butmao introduced about the purpose of the meeting that the purpose of meeting is to let all of staffs knowing each other and find the ways to work together as well sharing experience and discuss on 3 years project plan of Statelessness Project and understanding of Statelessness Project purpose. Mr. Noun Sovanrith, the project support staffs presented about the mission and vision as well the activities of MIRO that MIRO is the human rights non-governmental organization which working to support ethnic people. And he mentioned that MIRO envisions a society in which all Cambodians from all walks of life, including minority groups and Khmer Krom, jointly participate in freely and equally rebuilding a lawful Cambodian society based on peace, justice, democracy and human rights respect as well as obtaining benefits from social development, and MIRO’s major mission is to defend and promote the human rights and the development of minority groups and Khmer Krom, and he went on that MIRO devotes itself to working with ethnic minority groups and Khmer Krom with honesty, non-profit and non-discrimination. After Mr. Sovanrith had presented about mission, vision and activities of MIRO, Ravy the Statelessness Project officer had share about the plan and purpose of Statelessness Project to all of staff members. Ravy mentioned that, Statelessness Project is to decrease statelessness among Vietnamese and Khmer Krom refugees in Cambodia and projecting their rights and as well to decrease the discrimination on those ethnic people. After that, to get an idea of the 1st year to 3rd year project plan of the Statelessness project, Ravy had put this topic on discussion and let all project staffs share their ideas. After understanding about MIRO Staff sharing about MIRO Mission and Vision  staff members had shared their idea on the timescale of the project plan, and then we got the year one and three years project plan as bellow:

Year one geography project plan: (April to December, 2015)

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.35.44 AM

2016 & 2017 Plan (Jan 2016- December 2017)

During 2016 & 2017 we will add more district and commune on the old work plan in 2015, and bellow are the districts and communes we will add for working more while we keep working on the old target group:

Screen Shot 2016-03-15 at 7.37.53 AM

Strategy & Activity Plan for those Target Group

After a long discussion on strategy plan we got the strategy and activities plan as bellow:

– Establish contact with target group

– Conduct a research situation regarding legal document for those target group

– Conduct a workshop and training on Law on Nationality and Advocacy skill to those target group

– Investigate on human rights abuse those target group

– Follow-up and monitor what we have train to those target group

– Encourage those target group do advocate for the rights and legal document

– Push authority for respecting Law on Nationality and human rights

– Conduct a public forum with local authority and those target resident

The meeting was finished at 5:00pm and closed by Mr. Butmao. All projects staffs got to know each other and understood clearly about MIRO’s vision and mission as well the Statelessness project.

Conclusion: The briefing meeting of all project staff on the 26th February 2015 was a useful opportunity for regional staff to get to know each other and understand the mission and vision of MIRO and the Statelessness Project. So they can work well together, and it was an important forum for them to share their idea on the project work and plan because they are the key people who will play an important role on implementing the project and make the project’s work successful, and finally we can get the 1 year project strategy plan and 3 years project strategy plan for Statelessness Project.

To build a strong relationship with all staffs and to ensure that all projects working well to achieve goals in effective way, MIRO conducted a staffs capacity building on researching, investigating, advocacy, reporting, and financial management to make all project staffs feel confidents on their project work on February 27, 2015.


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