The Norwegian Human Rights Fund for the: “Protection and Empowerment of Khmer Krom Human Rights Defenders in Cambodia”

  • mirocambodia
  • Thursday, February 28, 2013
  • Town Center at Cobb, Ernest W. Barrett Parkway, Kennesaw, GA

The Khmer Krom community is regularly subjected to human rights violations. Khmer Krom are barred from speaking out for their rights, they do not enjoy the benefits of fair procedure in the Cambodian or Vietnamese legal systems, and many are subject to substandard living conditions. In response, MIRO conducts a number of activities to monitor and report on the human rights of Khmer Krom, supporting them in their struggle to receive the rights and protections they are entitled to. The project focuses on the rights of both the Khmer Krom community in Cambodia as a whole, as well as the specific rights violations faced by Khmer Krom activists. The project’s main activities are:
Advocating and lobbying Cambodian government authorities to address rights issues regarding Khmer Krom.  Conducting investigations and reporting on Khmer Krom human rights violations, as well as follow-up investigations to understand the changing environment of Khmer Krom rights.  Providing legal assistance and finding lawyers for both Khmer Krom human rights activists and other Khmer Krom people in need of legal support.  Holding meetings between Khmer Krom community members, local and national authorities, NGOs, and legal experts to seek improvements regarding Khmer Krom rights.  Compiling reports, press releases, petitions, and statements to increase public awareness of the Khmer Krom human rights situation.